Since our humble beginnings, we have developed into the leading family-run ice cream van company, and we now operate a fleet of cutting-edge vans that are always prepared to go wherever we are needed.

1.) We have one of the largest van rental fleets in the greater London area, and our rates are very affordable.
2.) We provide a very dependable selection. The top van manufacturers must provide you with the dependability, variety, and flexibility to handle any work, as per our insistence.
3.) You can trust that you’ll arrive at your location on schedule because all of our van rental vehicles receive routine maintenance and servicing.
4.) With a standard driving license, any van can be driven.

There are countless possibilities with these miniature ice cream cakes. Any flavor of frozen dessert can be added once the milk chocolate shell has hardened. For a single-serving summer treat, simply top with whipped topping and a lovely cookie.

We offer our well-known soft serve ice cream van rental for any event, and a few examples of the occasions we frequently attend include school fairs, gala days, festivals, charity events, corporate gatherings, weddings, sporting events, football tournaments, and open days for races for life!

The perfect location for an ice cream van can make it one of the UK’s most profitable food truck enterprises, notably in Borehamwood, where it can generate substantial profit margins. Your earning potential, however, may be seriously hampered by the stringent regulations you must follow, the influence of supermarket chains, and the seasonal nature of the product.

From a small, private gathering to a big public event, our  ice cream van hire in ruislip can be rented for any type of occasion. Just provide us with some details, and we will check our schedule and provide you with a fair quote.

There is truly something for everyone among our wide selection of products, which includes premium frozen ice lollipops, dessert platters, soft and scoop ice cream, and more. To prevent any unintended allergic reactions, allergen charts are placed on each van, and our qualified staff members

ice cream van hire in ruislip to work closely with each of our clients to ensure that their event is a success and that they are completely satisfied with the delectable ice creams and desserts we serve as well as the customer service we provide. When it comes to Mr. whippy van hire for one-time events or frequent trips to companies and schools, we provide exactly what each customer wants.

Our brand-new, fully insured ice cream van fleet is kept immaculately. No event is too big or too little, so if you have a larger gathering and want more than one van, just let one of our helpful staff members know or indicate it on the form when requesting a callback.

Running an ice cream van hire in ruislip has numerous benefits, and it may be a wonderful side job for someone who is prepared to put in the time and effort. Yet, just as with any commercial endeavor, you’ll need to think about developing a well-coasted business strategy.

It’s one thing to estimate the number of ice creams you expect to sell, but what you really need to know is how much it will cost to start an ice cream van business and maintain it over the long haul.

If your costs are excessive, you will find it difficult to make a profit no matter how many ice creams and candies you manage to sell.

Before imagining buying your own ice cream van and entering the ice cream van hire in ruislip industry, read on to learn how much it might cost. Setting up and operating an ice cream truck business involves a variety of expenses.

A warm day is ideal for selling ice cream. Though this summer’s heat broke several records, many ice cream van proprietors have reported struggling with business.

We cooperate with nearby schools, event planners, and soccer teams and are completely licensed. We always deliver ice cream on time, within budget, and with the smiles of our ice cream-loving clients all around.

We would love to supply ice cream van in Borehamwood for your next event, so contact us for more details and to reserve the services of the most well-known ice cream van.

It’s a good thing that consumers still want ice cream treats. It is only a matter of time, though, before ice cream vendors have to transfer the cost onto customers, as food prices are among the most hit by inflation.

One of the most crucial decisions you will make will affect your prospective revenues, and that decision is where to set up your ice cream van, cart, bike, or stand. You’ll need to weigh the likelihood of close competitors against the possible foot traffic in busy regions.

There are so many fantastic methods to serve ice cream and make a respectable living. Yet, if you don’t get the necessary papers organized, your business ambitions could quickly become a nightmare.

Hence, make sure you finish all the necessary documentation for selling ice cream before you start chiming. You must:

1. File a business registration form with the neighborhood council.
2. Take advantage of your local council’s street trading license programme.
3. Get the necessary training in food safety and hygiene.
4. Do a risk analysis and create a comprehensive Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) food strategy.
5. Plan the appropriate insurance coverage. Talk with our staff to learn more about the best ice cream truck insurance quotation for you and your company.

North London, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire all have access to the Mr. Whippy van hire for ice cream events. The ice cream van rental company Mr. Whippy Events has covered a number of events planned by municipal governments; Our current service area includes Luton, Dunstable, Harpendon, St. Albans, Northampton, Borehamwood, and Bal dock. Pay attention for our bright vans.

Because we are the best at what we do, we have developed many relationships with clients across the UK over the course of our many years in business. Regardless of their size, we treat every one of our clients with the same level of professionalism, which has generated attention all on its own.