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The delicious treat you deserve after a long day at work

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The flavor you need, the consistency you wantβ€”ice cream!

Tonino Ice Cream Van Hire Business established in 1965 have continuously produced high quality ice cream for nearly 50 years.Established in 1965 with nearly 50 years’ experience

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Years of Experience

Our FleetΒ 

Indulge in the luscious world of frozen delights with Our Fleet Ice Cream’s exquisite Tonino Ice Cream collection,
redefining sweetness in every scoop. Crafted with passion and precision, each velvety bite promises a symphony of flavors
that dance on your taste buds. From classic favorites to innovative creations, Tonino Ice Cream captivates with its rich, creamy
texture and irresistible taste. Elevate your moments of joy with our handcrafted masterpieces, made with the finest ingredients and a touch of culinary magic.
Whether you’re savoring a sunny day or celebrating life’s precious moments, Our Fleet Ice Cream’s Tonino range adds an extra layer of delight to every occasion.
Embrace the pleasure of premium indulgence and treat yourself to Tonino Ice Cream, where every spoonful tells a tale of culinary excellence and unbridled satisfaction.
Experience the essence of true ice cream perfection with Tonino, exclusively from Our Fleet Ice Cream.

The perfect blend of summer and fun

The ice cream of golden dreams.

“Tonino Ices brings a taste of Italian-inspired gelato excellence to the heart of the UK. Our creamy concoctions are crafted with care, blending the finest ingredients to create an indulgent symphony of flavor. Whether you’re craving classic favorites or daring innovations, Tonino Ices invites you to experience the ultimate frozen treat sensation right here in the UK.”

Our Vision

At Tonino Ices, our vision is to redefine the frozen dessert experience, elevating it to an art form that delights the senses and creates lasting memories. We strive to be synonymous with innovation, quality, and unparalleled taste, setting the standard for excellence in the industry. Guided by our passion for crafting exceptional frozen delights, we aim to spread joy and happiness one scoop at a time, enriching lives with every indulgent bite.

Our Mission

Tonino Ices is on a mission to spread joy through the art of frozen desserts. We are committed to delighting our customers with exceptional taste experiences crafted from the finest ingredients. Our mission is to create moments of happiness and connection, whether it's through our gelato at events, festivals, or office gatherings. We strive to exceed expectations, foster community, and leave a lasting impression with every scoop, making every occasion a little sweeter." .

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