Due to its location between Dunstable and Luton on the M1, we have named this Mr. Whippy Ice Cream Express. We provide a prompt service to businesses, organizations, and construction sites in and around the localities of Luton, Dunstable, Harpenden, Watford, Hemel Hempstead, and Bedford. Simply give us a call, and we’ll send an ice cream van hire to your business, organization, or construction site.

On hot days, this may be a terrific way to express appreciation to your workers, boost morale, and is reasonably priced. If your staff has worked a lot, perhaps finishing a project or reaching the end of a construction site, we can cool them off with ice cream or cold beverages, even a slush puppy.

We’ll give you the option of choosing from our regular plane ice cream, 99″ flake ice creams, or a selection of ice. We also have a large selection of stock that you may pick from. Do you want to buy ice cream for your staff? Utilize the Mr. Whippy Express service, which is cutting-edge.

Contact us, and we’ll set up one or more of our vans to arrive at your location, after which we’ll give each member of your crew an ice cream of their choice. Please get in touch with us about our affordable and attractive prices and packages. Even on short notice, we have every confidence that we can still give you exceptional service.

A minimum order of 100 ice creams, slushies, or a mix of ice lollipops is required. We take great pride in having helped countless private events, ranging from big weddings to little children’s parties, succeed throughout the years.

Our flexible fleet and selection of affordable packages allow us to provide options for almost every occasion and price range. Mr. whippy fresh soft ice cream has been served at business parties for dessert for over 20 years, making it a historical, iconic, and well-remembered aspect of British culture.

A tiny, family-run business called Mr. Whippy van hire Ice Cream Van Rental specializes in providing the best whipped ice cream van hire for celebrations, weddings, school events, festivals, concerts, corporate events, office parties, etc.

While selling ice cream in Dublin and throughout Ireland for almost 40 years, the Whitney family has established a reputation for providing high-quality goods and dependable, amiable service.

No matter what type of event you have planned, Mr. Whippy Soft Ice Cream van hire in Amersham has the ideal ice cream van for you. With our extensive experience, we have catered for a variety of weddings, fairs, kid’s parties, school events, advertisements, and film projects.

Every wedding that our fleet of contemporary ice cream vans has visited has been a singular experience. These weddings have taken place all throughout the East of England.

For your special day, we provide a full menu or just Mr. Whippy Soft Ice Creams. We also welcome and urge the happy couple to enter the ice cream van hired in Harpenden to serve visitors or just for that special photo opportunity. Let us know if there are any custom needs that we can fulfill for your unique wedding because it’s your big day and we want it to be as memorable and wonderful as you do.

In order to assist your event run well, we have a fleet of vans that can be dispatched as needed to any site ice cream van hire in Amersham. Each van is fully supplied and has a seasoned, security-screened, uniformed driver.

In addition to events, we manage a variety of seasonal sites and fixed pitches for numerous local councils in Scotland, and we are always eager to chat with additional local authorities who might be searching for an ice-cream van hire operator they can trust to assist them serve the public.

Because the majority of our vans can now function off a 32 Amp power supply at an indoor or outdoor event, they emit no emissions, and we are glad to say that we are doing our part to protect the environment. Our fleet now consists of “Euro6” certified vehicles, and very soon, we plan to expand it by adding our first all-electric ice-cream van.

As we’ve been running an ice cream van fleet for more than 25 years, we also have a solid grasp of what our clients need from us to make their event a success.

We have a knowledgeable team that regularly deal with this kind of situation, so if you need assistance applying for a trader’s license for your event, simply contact us and we’ll be pleased to help and offer advice. We are fully insured and registered with a number of local authorities.

Our fleet of vans may be chartered for; business events, sporting fixtures, agricultural shows, highland games, gala days, music festivals and themed events among others and we’ll also come to your school for a special ‘school treats day’. We’ve even been hired to work on TV and movie sets, so no matter what type of event you’re planning, Mr. Whippy van hire for ice cream is the best option.

Also, all of our ice cream trucks undergo regular pre- and post-use cleaning to ensure they adhere to our strict standards for hygiene. Each member of our crew is certified in food safety and hygiene, and they have received training on how to always be on time, presentable, polite, helpful, and nice.

With the help of our high capacity soft ice cream equipment and our courteous, knowledgeable, and trained crew, we can minimize the lengthy lines that are frequently seen at successful events. Repeat business from event organizers has been secured for many years thanks to this, as well as our outstanding ice cream and exceptional standards of hygiene.

Strangely, we make sure that our product price is fairly reasonable as well so that you won’t have complaints from guests who feel they were overcharged, which always makes event organizers look awful.

We always collaborate closely with event planners, abide by all current Health & Safety regulations, and are delighted to provide, upon request, pertinent risk assessments pertinent to our participation at your event.